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Love in the Vineyard

IMDb 5.5 95 min
Emmanuelle Vaugier, Matthew MacCaull, April Telek, Thomas Calabro, Lydia Campbell, Christopher Russell, Glynis Davies, Edwin Perez, Lindsay Maxwell, Destee Klyne
Jason Bourque
6.9 / 150 times
Molly Dawson moved from San Francisco to New Mexico a year ago in accepting her dream job working for real estate maven Nancy Spencer. At that time a year ago, Molly thought she and her then boyfriend, Jackson West, a vintner, were moving onto the next committed stage of their loving relationship, when she discovered on his birthday, Valentine's Day, of something from his recent past which she considered an unforgivable deception. She started dating stock broker Greg almost immediately upon her arrival in New Mexico, and she can only only admit to herself that despite both having used the word love, what she feels for him is nowhere the love she felt for Jackson, her best friend Liz, a lawyer also working for Nancy, who considers Greg Molly's rebound. Greg's over-attentiveness to Molly, while masquerading as love, may instead be a manifestation of Greg's rather idle life, which he spends largely doing big boy stuff with his best friend, "The Rickster". Nancy receives a new client in the form of eccentric billionaire Randall Slade, who wants to invest in a winery, and not just any winery but up and coming Broken Heart Winery located in New Mexico, his initial offer twice market value. Handling the case, Molly discovers upon making an appointment with Miss Tischer, who acts as the spokesperson for the numbered company that owns the winery, that it is now managed by Jackson. While Molly still has not forgiven Jackson, Jackson can only admit to himself that he has never stopped loving Molly, he manufacturing a reason under the guise of the purchase to spend time with her. Beyond still loving her, Jackson has many things he wants to tell her about his current life, while his loyal and overenthusiastic right hand man Tomero - who likes to call himself Romeo in that being closer to his heart - takes it upon himself to help Jackson win Molly's heart all over again. Beyond Tomero's over-the-top plan, the things that Jackson has not yet told Molly, the issue of Greg, and the deal with the winery going or not going through, what happens between Molly and Jackson is affected by a blog Molly has just started following, "Wine, Women and Song" written by heartbroken Frenchman, Jean-Luc Pierre.
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